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Link to 1984 article on recreational angling's place in economic development Link to 1984 article on recreational angling's place in economic development

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Memorable Quotes
Quotes we've come across that we wish we had written or were glad we hadn't

Striped Bass
Striped Bass Introduction
The introduction to a special section on a legislative initiative to allow New Jersey consumers to once again enjoy ocean-fresh striped bass.

Striped Bass Quotes
What various people/organizations say about striped bass

Striped Bass
Description of striped bass

An Anti-Consumer Letter
It's not real but represents common "complaints" from the sports angling groups

Striper Release #1
The first press release for the Stripers for Consumers campaign

Baked Stuffed Striped Bass
For everyone else a recipe for preparing one of the finest culinary treats the ocean has to offer. For New Jersey residents, a "taste" of what you're being forced to miss! 
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Striper Article #1
An article expanding on the Stripers for Consumers campaign

Monster Seaweed?
An article from the New York Times on problems caused by a common algae that has been introduced into the Mediterranean

CCA Tactics
A Mississippi Press article questioning the anti-commercial fishing tactics of the Coastal Conservation Association

Coral Disease (#1)
A New York Times article on a "disease" that is affecting living coral in many locations worldwide.

Coral Disease (#2)
A Reuters article discussing dying coral in the Florida Keys and possibly relating it to development

Cause of Amphibian deaths
A researcher has discovered what has been causing widespread mortalities in amphibian populations in Central America

Recreational Anglers: Quit whining
The Island Breeze editorial suggesting recreational aren't blameless in fish shortages

"New" scourge targets New England fish
Research done by San Francisco State researcher identifies tiny hydroid preying on larval Georges Bank fish

Swordfisher & media star
A profile of Linda Greenlaw, captain of a swordfish longliner propelled into the limelight by The Perfect Storm [Link to The Perfect Storm page ]

Confessions of a Captain
St. Petersburg (FL) Times column berating recreational anglers for needlessly killing fish

Outboard motor impacts review
Primarily a literature review presented at an EPA workshop on potential boating impacts

Chaos in fishery management
Early (1990) article relating Chaotic theory of population fluctuations to fisheries management

Boating workshop raises tough questions
Report on workshop at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution published in Commercial Fisheries News [Link to Commercial Fisheries News page ]

Zebra mussels supplanting native fauna?
A NOAA press release discussing the disappearance of amphipods in Lake Michigan sediments - includes links 

Sharks and then some
An excerpt from a 1970 book that illustrates how much our thinking about living marine resources has changed

A 'Dead Zone' Grows in the Gulf of Mexico
An article from the New York Times discussing the possible causes and implications of a large "dead zone" (last year it was the size of New Jersey) in the Gulf of Mexico

Senseless Killing in the Seas
An editorial appearing in the same edition of the Times as the above article which somewhat inexplicably "blames it all on overfishing"

Fish or Cut Bait
An Introductory Guide to the Federal Management System for Atlantic Coast Fishermen and Women

Bold new ‘chaos theory’ says fishery experts way off track
A review of Chaos theory in fisheries management from a Pulitzer Prize winning series on the state of the world's fisheries in the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Taking the pulse of the ocean along our coasts
Announcing a NOAA initiative " nail down the causes and extent of the problems that plague our coastal areas so solutions can be found"

Growth and Pollution Threaten Oregon, U.S. Coasts
"There is an urgent need to nail down the causes and extent of the  problems that plague our coastal areas..."

Improving Fish Stock Assessments
The Executive Summary of a report by the National Research Council's Committee of Fish Stock Assessment Methods & a link to the full report.

Mixed Trawl Management
An article published in 1991 Commercial Fisheries News [Link to Commercial Fisheries News page ] describing an attempt at innovative management (which subsequently fizzled).

The elver fishery and eel aquaculture
An article which corrects some of the misinformation about a developing elver fishery in New Jersey and the New Jersey eel fishery

Menhaden fishing and political pressure
An article addressing the traditional menhaden fishery and recently introduced New Jersey legislation to restrict it unnecessarily

Right Idea, Wrong Solution
A suggestion for meaningful conservation measures benefiting North Atlantic swordfish.

El Nino related coral bleaching
A NOAA press release relating coral reef bleaching in the Indian Ocean to El Nino related temperature "anomalies."

Fish Story
Environmentalists and some high-profile Dallas chefs say ocean food supplies are in crisis. But is their disaster cry simply publicity bait? (from the Dallas Observer)

En Garde For Swordfish
St. Petersburg Times article looking at the swordfish boycott and the strategizing that led up to it

Lake Ontario threatened by small invader
A Reuters article on the "invasion" of Lake Ontario by an exotic Gobey and the possible impacts of the introduction on the native fish species.

A Slaughter of Cormorants in Angler Country
This article highlights what is becoming a growing concern top many fishermen - the increasing impacts of interspecies predation in important fisheries.

Seals and humans becoming less than compatible at La Jolla beach
An article illustrative of a growing problem as the populations of various "protected" species continue to expand their natural ranges, increasingly conflicting with human activities in the same areas.

Chefs go toque-to-toque
An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer describing a debate between the supporters of the Pew/SeaWeb consumer boycott and a chef who took the trouble to determine what the actual situation was regarding U.S. fishermen.

Managing The Waterways -- Too 
Clean For The Fish?
An article looking at declines in Puget Sound's fisheries and attempting to relate them to other factors at work in the Sound.

Steadying the scales of justice 
deep in the waters of controversy
A follow-up column from the Philadelphia Inquirer describing Chef Jack McDavid's position in taking on the Pew Trust financed swordfish boycott.

As Alaska Melts, Scientists 
Consider the Reasons Why
An article from the New York Times examining the regression of an Alaskan glacier.

Its About Time:
Rethinking Fisheries Management
From the abstract of the paper this page links to: "continuous surprises and stock failures provides impetus to revise not only the basic theory of resource management, but even the philosophies of conventional fisheries management practice."

Study discounts mercury
danger in ocean fish
"Sea bass? Flounder? Eat up. There's evidence, scientists said Tuesday, that ocean fish pose little risk, even to children and pregnant women, from low levels of mercury they pick up in the aquatic food chain." 

A Crowded, Uneasy Mix in Hudson and Harbor
An article from the New York Times discussing the overcrowded condition of the waterways of the New York harbor.

Barge grounding on the East River
An coast guard release detailing a barge loaded with fuel oil and gasoline aground and leaking in the East River.

Boston Globe on swordfish
From the front page of the Globe's Food Section, a balanced article detailing both sides in the consumer boycott od swordfish being pushed by the multi billion dollar Pew Charitable Trusts.

Introduced whelk threatens Chesapeake
Continuing the introduced exotic species theme, a large predator snail native to Asia has been discovered in the Chesapeake bay.

Sea otters cause problems in Southern California
Moving outside of their "protected" range in the waters off Southern California, sea otters are threatening local fisheries (at the same time the otters are facing their own pollution-related problems). 

Royal Caribbean line fined for pollution
Report of a plea-bargain agreement reached in June that will see the company pay a total of $9 million, the largest pollution fines ever assessed against a cruise company, for dumping oil into Caribbean and Atlantic waters.

Hyacinth choking streams with no remedy in sight
Water hyacinths are causing problems in waterways in Louisiana but some of the treatments being considered seem worse than the "disease." 

Why Cape Codders Speak Bad Japanese And Sing the Blues
Japan's taste for choice tuna fades, and fishermen gaze longingly to the East - a look at the implications of international economic conditions on a small, "local" fishery.

Reefs in deep peril
Ocean warming and intrusions by humans threaten coral reefs worldwide, with alarming ramifications for other sea life. A U.S. task force will address the issue, but some fear it may be too late. 

Marine life dying from boat paint pollution
A Reuters release on a World Wildlife Fund initiative focusing on the detrimental effects of the toxic bottom paint in use today.

Green crab invades Northwest coast
An article detailing the threat being posed to native species in the Pacific Northwest by the introduction of an "exotic" crab species.

Mitten crabs fan out in area: Species could be a threat to levees
Ditto the article immediately above, but a different species of crab, a different geographic area, and an additional threat to levees. 

The Role of Development in Fisheries Management
A "tongue in cheek" 1984 article published in Marine Recreational Fisheries that addresses the problems associated with the "gamefish" mentality of some fisheries managers.

Marine Engines
Face New Emissions Rules
Associated Press article on California's enactment of more stringent emission standards for PWCs and pleasure craft

State to Clean Up Marine Engine Exhaust
San Francisco Chronicle on the new California boating emission standards

Dramatic Changes In Bering Sea Ecosystem
NOAA Press Release detailing initial stages in a multi-disciplinary effort to understand recent changes in the Bering Sea ecosystem and unprecedented physical and biological fluctuations 

Nations Express Concern About Coral Bleaching
NOAA Press Release detailing the further spread of coral bleaching, discussing some possible implications and including links to related web sites.

Marine Fish Stocks on the Mend
According to this NOAA release "the Sustainable Fisheries Act's new management strategy will result in measures that will better protect fish habitat, reduce bycatch, and make fishing practices more environmentally friendly and sustainable."

1998 Warmest Year on Record, NOAA Announces
NOAA announced today that global temperatures in 1998 were the warmest in the past 119 years, since reliable instrument records began.

California rockfish near point of no return
Article detailing the decline of the 70 species California rockfish complex and attributing the decline to water temperature increases and the associated decline in plankton production.

Management system failing fish and fishermen
An article from Commercial Fisheries News discussing what might be increasing gaps between the fishing industry and the federal fisheries management system.

Low-tech `pingers' to save marine mammals
An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer looking at the acoustic pinger technology that was developed by commercial fishermen to avoid interactions between their fishing gear and marine mammals.

Coast Guard position on safety surprises many who toil at sea
An article from the Asbury Park (New Jersey) Press detailing the newly released USCG fishing vessel safety report and industry reactions to it.

From science to illusion: Mathematics in fishery management 
An article by Jim O'Malley  originally appearing in Pacem in Maribus XXVI (The International Ocean Institute) that takes a critical look at the use - and misuse - of mathematics and modeling in fisheries management.

The  U. S. Northwest Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery: An overview of problems and solutions
Two Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences researchers - Jim Kirkley and Bill DuPaul - look at the current troubles in the Mid-Atlantic/New England sea scallop fishery and discuss some potential solutions.

Ban on Commercial Bass Fishing in Hudson Could Be Eased
New information indicates that a lifting of the ban on consumption of Hudson River striped bass might be justified. This article from the New York Times by Andrew Revkin looks at the brewing controversy.

Finding a Balance Between Economy and Ecosystem
Another provocative article by Jim O'Malley discussing the use - or more accurately, misuse - of language to demonize the commercial fishing industry.

Oil Drilling on Georges Bank? Canadians need help
A guest editorial from Commercial Fisheries News by one of the leaders of an effort to get the Canadian government to extend a drilling moratorium on this productive fishing area.

Social and Cultural Impact Assessment of the Highly Migratory FMP
The Executive Summary and Table of Contents of this recently completed report that demonstrates how an impact assessment of a fisheries management action should be done (including a link to the profile of the fishing port of Barnegat Light, NJ).

What fools we are for spoiling our coasts, our oceans
A column from the Cape Cod Times discussing the problems that rampant coastal development are causing in our coastal fisheries. 

Caribbean Whaler a Legend on Island
o show that all the whaling activity isn't taking place in the Northwest, an AP article on a whaler on the Caribbean Island of Granada.

Turtles Vanish in Black Hole: Soup Pots and Pans of China
The turtles in Southeast Asia are disappearing, casualties of an insatiable demand in China for what are considered delicacies.

Back With His True Love: Fishing
What might well be a cautionary article about a third generation commercial fisherman who is acting as a "living exhibit" of what the fishing industry used to be like in Michigan.

The Diverse Creatures of the Deep May Be Starving
West coast oceanographic researchers have determined that the food raining down on abyssal ocean creatures has diminished significantly in recent years.

Gray whales may have hit peak status
An abnormally high level of dead gray whales washing up on West coast beaches indicates that the stock might be fully recovered and is now suffering from population pressures.

Bypassing Dams Best Chance for Regaining Harvestable Salmon
This AP article reports on an American Fisheries Society recommendation that particular salmon runs might only be saved by allowing them to bypass dams on the Snake River in Idaho.

Evidence Puts Dolphins in New Light, as Killers
This article by New York Times writer William J. Broad gives us a slightly different perspective of porpoises and dolphins.

Jersey anglers keep striped bass just for themselves
A column by Molly Benjamin published in the Cape Cod Times that addresses the ban on the sale of striped bass in New Jersey from a consumer perspective.

Biased scientific reporting is tainting 
the Helfley Bill
an article by researcher Dr. Michel Kaiser reviewing the science - or lack thereof - underlying the anti-trawling/dredging campaign that has become the anti-fishing fad of the week.
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U.S. should step up and not stop fishing
The "Comment" column from the August, 1999 Fishing News International criticizing Congressman Helfey's proposed anti-trawling legislation.
At The Hand Of Man
An examination of the conditions and the politics that led to the international ban on the sale of ivory

An extremely entertaining and informative book on the natural history of bluefish and the people that pursue them

British Sea Fishermen
A description of the commercial fishing ports and the conditions in the industry in the British Isles immediately after W.W.II

Distant Waters
A comprehensive look at life in the distant water fleets of a number of nations during the 1970s

Encyclopedia of Fish Cookery
A truly "encyclopedic" book covering much more than the cooking of most important finfish and shellfish species (but there are many recipes)

Captains Courageous
Kipling's classic novel of how  tycoon's son is "rehabilitated" by a stay on a Grand Banks schooner (Link to an excerpt from the book an excerpt)

Men's Lives
A history of and homage to the baymen of Long Island and  a look at politics of fish allocation struggles (Link to an excerpt from the book an excerpt)

The Old Man and the Sea
Hemingway's classic novel centering around the struggle of an old Cuban fisherman to land a huge marlin (Link to an excerpt from the book an excerpt)

The Perfect Storm
A recent publication tracing a 1991 storm and the tragic loss of a longline vessel and all its crew

Wetland Riders
Chronicle by an involved fishermen of the battle by the Gulf Coast sportsfishing industry to stop commercial harvesting and sale of entire fish species

Patterns in the Ocean
Fisheries population dynamics from an oceanographer's perspective

Proceedings of The Environmental 
Impacts of Boating workshop
The Executive Summary and Introduction of the published Proceedings of the first Boating Impact Workshop held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Effects of Fishing Gear on the 
Sea Floor of New England
The introduction from the published proceedings of a workshop addressing the potential impacts of commercial fishing gear on the habitat of the New England sea floor (one of the few balanced treatments on this subject we've come across).

Fishing For Truth
A brief review of a book detailing the Eastern Canadian cod stock assessment process that should be must reading for anyone involved in the fisheries management process.
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In the Slick of the Cricket
A review of the very well-received book about "monster" fisherman Captain Frank Mundus by fishing writer Russell Drumm.(Link to an excerpt from the book an excerpt)
Commercial Fisheries News
Monthly newspaper covering significant issues involving commercial fishing in New England and the Mid-Atlantic

National Fisherman
Monthly magazine looking at the commercial fishing industry from a national perspective
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Alaska Fisherman's Journal
Link to the Journal's web site

New Jersey Fisheries

Black Sea Bass

Blue Crab

Silver Hake

American Lobster



Sea Scallops

Striped Bass




Atlantic Mackerel

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N.J. Fishing Ports
NJ Ports Directory

Cape May

Barnegat Light

Point Pleasant

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Atlantic City

Commercial Fishing Techniques
Directory of common
gear types

Gill netting

Hydraulic dredging

Long lining

Otter trawling

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Purse seining

FishNet USA
USA #1
An attempt to put bottom trawling impacts and hook-and-line fishing into a realistic context

USA #2
A brief review of the many contributions of commercial fishing (and an attempt to put the Natural Resources Defense Council's Chicken Little approach to fisheries issues in the proper relative context).

USA #3
"The Fluke Fiasco" - A discussion of the current situation in Summer Flounder management in the Mid-Atlantic region and southern New England and some interesting bits on cruise ship pollution.

USA #4
A consideration of the potential for funding conflicts in the domestic fisheries management system brought about by the dependence of the management establishment on Wallop Breaux funding.

USA #5
1) A brief discussion about fishing vessel safety occasioned by the tragic sinking of four commercial fishing boat and the loss of 10 fishermen, and 2) a comparison of the values of traditional conservationists with today's "save the fish for us" brand.

USA #6
A FishNet issue that discusses the latest anti-commercial fishing campaign and puts the rhetoric being used to support it into a more familiar context.

USA #7
An examination of the current of dogfish stocks off the Northeast U.S. coast relative to other species and a introductory consideration of using fishing pressure as a management tool (more on this later).

USA #8
A discussion of fish product import tariffs, the Saltonstall-Kennedy  program funding NMFS, and an apparent iniquity in fisheries management.

USA #9
The many inaccuracies in a recent anti-scallop dredging op-ed piece focusing on the fishery ion formerly Closed Area II from the New Bedford Standard-Times

USA #10
A discussion of a misleading overfishing definition, its misuse by anti-fishing groups and what management should really entail.

USA #11
The Sustainable Fisheries Act, MSY and a consideration of ecological realities as they should (but don't) apply to fisheries management

USA #12
Wetlands and estuaries; their value and their relevance to fisheries and the threats they face in the U.S. and worldwide.

USA #13
A look at two of the greatest contrived "causes" of the anti-fishing groups - overfishing and bycatch - and their actual impacts on the fisheries. 

USA #14
Examines the ongoing controversy regarding harvesting the highly migratory species and contrasts the fishing capacity of the offshore sportfishing and longlining fleet.
USA #15
A further discussion of the impact of recreational angling and Catch and Release of fish stocks and of the existing management system's ability to effectively control them.

USA #16
The first of two personal opinion columns originally printed in Commercial Fisheries News examining the impact of millions of dollars of funding provided by the Pew Charitable Trusts on national fisheries policy.

USA #17
The second column from Commercial Fisheries News on the impact of the Pew Charitable Trusts on domestic fisheries. This column focuses on Marine Protected Areas and longlining.

USA #18
A critique of an article published in the journal Science which attempts to place the blame on degraded coastal ecosystems on "overfishing" which took place in the past.

USA #19
An examination of the growth of misinformation used by anti-fishing groups and individuals with an example provided by a New Jersey legislative office.

USA #20
The current situation in the New England groundfish fishery: rebuilding stocks, a surviving fishing industry, "environmetalists" not satisfied with the situation and another flood of foundation money to wreak more havoc in the fishing communities.

USA #21
As part of their campaign to force the creation of no-take zones in waters which have been open to commercial and recreational fishermen for generations, "conservationist" organizations commissioned a survey to tell coastal residents how they felt about them.
An examination some recent fishing and non-fishing examples of the "sky is falling" alarmism that envirorgs are using to attract media attention and contributions.
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A discussion of the Pew Oceans Commission, the "research" underlying its reports, and its usefulness (or lack thereof) as a basis for a national oceans policy.
The Other Net
A regular column for the fish and seafood industry appearing in The Garden State Seafood Association newsletter

Number One
A general discussion of the internet and of it's possible importance to the fish and seafood industry.

Number Two
A listing and brief description of web sites that should be of interest to members of the commercial fishing industry.
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Number Three
The seafood industry and e-commerce.

New Jersey
Directory of NJ FishNet issues

FishNet #1
What NJ FishNet is and a broad overview of the New Jersey commercial fishing industry

FishNet #2
Some basic questions regarding fishery resource ownership, economic worth and overfishing

FishNet #3
Description of major commercial seafood harvesting techniques and trends in commercial seafood production

FishNet #4
Water quality in the New York Bight and the new mandatory seafood inspection system

FishNet #5
A side by side comparison of recreational and commercial harvesting levels in the Mid-Atlantic states

FishNet #6
The significant positive impacts of commercial fishing on the national balance of trade are examined

FishNet #7
Some well intentioned yet still misleading examples of "fisheries alarmism" in recent publications in a more appropriate context

FishNet #8
Managing fishing compared to managing fish - are we on the right path?

FishNet #9
The impacts of modern seafood harvesting techniques and our philosophy of marine resource utilization

FishNet #10
A discussion of fishery allocation issues, commonly held - and repeated - misconceptions, and recreational tomato farming

FishNet #11
Review of the so-called "killer algae" Pfiesteria and the treatment it is receiving from the media

FishNet #12
A very brief review of possible environmental impacts of high density recreational boating

FishNet #13
An examination of the current spate of "the fisheries are doomed" predictions in a somewhat historical context

FishNet #14
An analysis of the evolution of a fisheries "crisis," another view of overcapitalization, and a consideration of the role of 747s in fish rhetoric 

FishNet #15
A consumer boycott that, if successful, will cause untold economic harm to small fishing and related businesses while not helping the fish it is supposed to "save."

FishNet #16
Discussions of "Risk Averse" management, a growing awareness of the importance of habitat issues in fisheries management, and legislative excursions into management territory.

FishNet #17
A report on a recent Federal Court decision on the NMFS shark management plan and the pro-agency spin that was applied to the decision's "official" interpretation.

FishNet #18
The first of two issues on the future of commercial fishing, the intent is to provide enough background to put current anti-commercial fishing assaults into their proper context. 
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FishNet #19
The second. somewhat delayed issue on the future of commercial fishing

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Thumbnails of fishing and fishing related images available for reuse

Sea palms (Postelsia palmaeformis) 

A coral rock 

Fossilized coral and xerophytic plants

Surf clam/ocean quohog fishing vessel

An older Salmon
gillnet boat

A Barnegat Light
gillnet boat

An Alaskan

The Point Arena Lighthouse in California

Surf Fishing on Cape Hatteras, NC
(photo donated by Robert Paxson)

Fishermen's Memorial in Seattle, WA

Gull on a piling in Fort Bragg, CA

A collage of photos and marine images

An illustration from a net reel photo

The White Dove Too in Cape May

Shrimp boats at the dock in Georgia

Working on deck on a clam boat

Recreational and commercial fishing in the Gulf
(photo donated by Monty Weeks)

Development on Cape Hatteras
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What not to do on an estuary
Commercial fishing
Directory of links to other fishing sites

National Fisheries

Seafood for America

Southeastern Fisheries Association

Pacific Coast Federation
of Fishermen's Associations

American Seafood Institute/RI Seafood Council

Gadus Associates

Carteret County
Fishermen's Association

The Irish Marine Web Site

North Carolina Fisheries Association

Puget Sound Gillnetters Association

California Seafood Council

West Coast Seafood Processors Association

Blue Water Fishermen's Association
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Gloucester Fishermen's Wives
Fishing & seafood
Directory of Seafood Businesses

Lunds Fisheries
Cape May and Oxnard, CA supplier of fresh and frozen squid, mackerel, other finfish

Fishermen's Dock Cooperative
Point Pleasant Beach supplier of fresh fish (also retail market)

Viking Village, Inc.
Barnegat Light supplier of fresh fish and shellfish (also retail market, party/charter fishing center)

Seafood Industry Jobs Network
A confidential internet jobs listing service for seafood, fisheries and aquaculture

Martin-Bontempo, Inc.
Trenton-based public affairs firm providing legislative lobbying, government relations representation and association management

Viking Seafood Exchange
Web based supplier of fresh and frozen-on-board seafood products.
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H.M. Johnson & Associates
Consulting group providing seafood marketing information and analysis for decision-makers
Recreational Fishing Links
Miss Barnegat Light
A ninety foot high speed catamaran; in the  summer providing Barnegat Light's finest fishing adventure and spending winters in Fort Myers, Florida.
Fisheries information sites
Directory of data/research links
A listing of links to web sites dealing with fisheries research or fisheries statistics

Rutgers Ecopolicy Center
Coastal Policy Group

Rutgers Institute of Marine/Coastal Sciences

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Virginia Institute of
Marine Science

Fisheries Department of the U.N. F.A.O.

National Sea Grant

The National Sea Grant Depository

N.M.F.S. Commercial
Fisheries data

N.M.F.S. Recreational
Fisheries data

NMFS Northeast Center Species Synopses

Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia - USDA

How and why stock assessments are done

Research Vessel Surveys

Historical Development of Fisheries Science/Management

NMFS Fisheries Market News

The Aquatic Network's Newsbrief Page

NMFS Home Page

NOAA Home page

Sustain Healthy Coasts --A NOAA Strategic Goal

U. S. F.D.A. National Shellfish Sanitation Program  Manual of Operation
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International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET)
NJ Seafood Recipes
Directory of Seafood Recipes

Roasted Clams With Bacon

Sea Bass Grilled Over Fennel Branches

Stir Fry
Crab Meat

Poached Scallops In A Nest

Jersey Hake With Cream Sauce

Clam And Beer Appetizers

Lobster Papillote

Uskumru dolmasi
(Turkish mackerel)

Roast Monkfish With Garlic

en brochette

Kushi Yaki
(Grilled Tuna Steaks)

Stewed Shark

Usku Kilic Sis
(Skewered swordfish)

Fluke Romesco
(Grilled fluke fillets)

Dahi Mach
(Bengali fish curry)

Swordfish Ceviche
(Marinated swordfish)

Charcoal - Broiled Swordfish
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Baked Stuffed Striped Bass
Issues Pages
A brief mention of the importance of estuaries and a link to the Restore America's Estuaries web site 

Menhaden fishing and political pressure
An article addressing the traditional menhaden fishery and recently introduced New Jersey legislation to restrict it unnecessarily
People in the NJ Fishing Industry

Jim Lovgren

Kevin Wark

Nils Stolpe
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Ernie Panacek
Organizations/agencies responsible for fisheries management

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council

Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program

Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council
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New England Fishery Management Council