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The following photographs were taken by Nils Stolpe and others. The image files are larger than any of the others on this site and will take a while to load. Along with the brief description and thumbnail we've included the file size, which should allow you to estimate how much time will be required.

Unless stated otherwise, please feel free to copy any of the photos and reuse them for any non-commercial purposes. We only ask that if you do so you credit the source.

Note: a lower resolution image will load first. If that is adequate for your needs or if you don't want to wait for the higher resolution image, stop the download at that point.

Thank you.

Link to sea palm image Sea palms (Postelsia palmaeformis) on an intertidal rock on the northern California coast (163 kb)
A coral rock coastline on the north shore of Grand Cayman (226 kb)
Link to coral shore image
Link to coral close-up
Fossilized coral and xerophytic plant on the north shore of Grand Cayman (163 kb)
The Debbie & Jeanette, a surf clam/ocean quohog hydraulic dredge-equipped vessel in Point Pleasant (157 kb) 
Link to clam boat image
Link to troller image
A older double-ended salmon gillnetter in Seattle, WA (153 kb)
Kevin Wark's boat "Endeavor" coming in through Barnegat Light at the end of a fishing day (172 kb)
Link to Endeavor image
Link to Constellation image
The catcher/processor vessel Constellation in Seattle (32 kb)
The Point Arena, California lighthouse (100 kb) 
Link to Pt. Arena Light. image
Link to surf fishing image
Surf fishermen on Cape Hatteras, NC (photo by R. Paxson - 61 kb)
The Fishemen's Memorial on the waterfront in Seattle, WA (80 kb)
Link to Seattle memorial
Link to Gull photo
A gull on a piling in Fort Bragg, California (49 kb)
A collage made from several photos and various marine images (95 kb)
An illustration that was made (with a little help from Adobe Photoshop) from a photo of a dragger in Point pleasant (56 kb)
A photograph of the working deck of a surf clam boat after a filled dredge has been brought aboard (70 kb)
Thumbnail of clam boat deck
 A photograph of Georgia shrimp boats and several packing houses (50 kb)
The White Dove Too, a puse seiner, at the dock at Lund's Fishery in Cape May, NJ (60 kb)
Thumbnail of Monty Weeks' photo
A photo by Captain Monty Weeks of Texas showing commercial and recreational fisherman coexisting on the same ocean!  (62 kb)