New Jersey's
A description of commercially important fish species in New Jersey's waters
The major techniques used for commercially harvesting fish and shellfish from New Jersey waters
New Jersey's
Fishing Ports
New Jersey's fishing ports, their locations, major species landed, facilities available, etc
New Jersey
Seafood Businesses
Docks, wholesalers, retailers and suppliers that make up New Jersey's commercial fishing industry
People in the
New Jersey Industry
Some of the people who are responsible for getting New Jersey's seafood from the ocean to the table
Managing New Jersey's
Fisheries Resources
A description of the process, the agencies and the people involved in modern marine resource management
New Jersey
Seafood Restaurants
Selected area restaurants featuring locally produced fish and shellfish
Recipes from all over the world modified to feature New Jersey products
Marine Research 
Links to government and academic sites that are involved in research on and/or provide information concerning fisheries
Fishing Links
Links to other commercial fishing and seafood industry sites on the Web
A list of books and other publications for those wanting to learn more about commercial fishing
New Jersey
The web edition of a biweekly infromation sheet sent to legislators, industry members, media reps, etc.
Other Links
of Interest
Other sites we have come across or use regularly that might be of interest to visitors here
Articles from other sources that deal with commercial fishing or related subjects (do not distribute withour author's permission)
Picture Gallery
Photographs of various fishing-related subjects that will be changed regularly
Other Stuff
If you haven't found it anywhere else on the site and it has to do with the seafood industry in New Jersey, try here
Recreational Fishing Links
A listing of links to selected recreational fishing sites