The members of the fish and seafood industry - whether on the water, on the docks or in the many support industries - are one of its greatest resources. To be a successful commercial fisherman, particularly if you fish out of a port in a highly urban, high cost-of-living state like New York or New Jersey, you have to be able to handle your business as well as you catch your fish. And to be able to sell New Jersey seafood competitively in a market that is becoming increasingly international, along with how to get the best ocean fresh product to market you have to know how to run a business efficiently. 

The following people, not all of them fishermen, typify the commercial fishing industry today. Not only are they expert in their segments of the industry, each has also had to become expert in the fishery management system that has become so important to their industry and their ability to stay in business.

Nils Stolpe
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The person responsible for this site who has been involved on the periphery of the fish and seafood industry.
Kevin Wark
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Gillnet fisherman and owner/operator of  the gillnetter F/V Endeavor fishing out of Barnegat Light.
Jim Lovgren
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Fourth generation commercial fisherman and owner/operator of Sea Dragon from Point Pleasant.
Charlie Bergmann
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Member of the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, NJ Marine Fisheries Council and employee of Lunds Fisheries in Cape May
Ernie Panacek
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Manager of the Viking Village dock in Barnegat Light, founder of New Jersey Seafood Harvesters' Association