- Nils Stolpe -
Nils Stolpe is the primary architect, author, photographer, graphic designer and maintainence man for this site. He has worked for, in and around various aspects of the seafood industry for almost three decades, including a stint managing a large experimental aquaculture facility and another cobbling together a fisheries/aquaculture development program for a state agency. He has spent the past ten years as an independent consultant involved in various aspects of the fishing industry, has been Executive Director of several commercial fishing industry trade groups and has served in an advisory capacity on a number of regional and New Jersey boards, committees, etc. 

Complimenting his work with the commercial fishing community, and in fact arguing that the two can't be logically separated, Stolpe maintains as closely as possible his ties with that part of the environmental community that deals with coastal and ocean issues. He organized and co-chaired the first technical workshop addressing the potential impacts of intensive recreational boating activity on estuarine productivity that was held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution several years ago and is still engaged in follow-up activities (for more on this potentially critical issue that is still for the most part ignored, see the NJ FishNet addressing it or visit Earth Island Institute's Bluewater Network website). 

As an observer of and participant in the fisheries management process since the Magnuson Act (the initial designation of what has become the Sustainable Fisheries Act), his view of the system in place today is "There isn't anything wrong with fisheries management today that adequate data, good science and objective participants couldn't fix. If the system is distorted by focused political pressure - and we're seeing more of that every year - the commercial fishermen, the fisheries resources and, ultimately, the seafood consumers and a large part of the US economy all loose out."