- Kevin Wark -
Kevin Wark is the owner and operator of the gillnetter "Endeavor" [Link to photo of F/V Endeavor]that fishes out of Barnegat Light. Depending on the season - and the market demand - he targets weakfish, bluefish, monkfish or shad. He occassionally sets his nets for bonito as well, and will often net menhaden for a small but lucrative striped bass rod and reel bait market on Long Beach Island (in the photo above he is disentangling a small striped bass, a fish which it is illegal to buy in New Jersey, from his net prior to releasing it). Limiting his fishing effort to day trips, in the off-season in New Jersey he has moved his boat to and fished out of Ocean City, Maryland in the past. 

When he's not fishing, Kevin is likely to be found in one of a number of  conference centers between Washington, DC and Boston, acting in his capacity as an industry advisor to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, the New England Council, the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council or the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission on weakfish, shad, monkfish and bluefish. Along with the other industry members who have gotten heavily involved in the management system, he does so because he realizes how important informed and equitable regulations are to the future of commercial fishing.