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Note: Links to these sites are included here because their creators and sponsors present what we feel is a reasonably balanced view of fishing and related issues (from, of course, a recreational perspective) . The two boards that we have provided links to usually have interesting - and sometimes animated - discussions on subjects of interest to anyone concerned with ocean issues. Some of the participants have viewpoints not necessarily in line with those of the commercial fishing industry, and some are out-and-out antagonistic to anyone who harvests fish or shellfish more than one at a time, but on the whole they are a diverse group of well-intentioned people brought together by a common interest in the problems facing our coastal and ocean waters. Visit their sites, browse around a bit, and get involved in the discussions (civilly and constructively, of course) if you are so inclined. 

The Green Grouper
Conservation Crossfire
Link to GG Conservation Corner
Beyond being a web site, the Green Grouper has grown into an international  recreational fishing community, with an annual reunion and the beginnings of some regional projects. 
Capt. Monty's
Flatline Fishing
Link to Monty's Flatline Fishing
One of the regulars on the other fishing bulletin boards, Monty is building a site with a Texas and Gulf emphasis.
Conservation Corner
Link to Mojo's Conservation Corner
Focused on North Carolina's Outer Banks, Mojo's site contains a wealth of fishing and other information (and also some impressive web services). 
Miss Barnegat Light
Link to Miss Barnegat Light A ninety foot high speed catamaran; in the  summer providing Barnegat Light's finest fishing adventure and spending winters in Fort Myers, Florida.