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Commercial Fisheries News
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The Commercial Fisheries News provide a monthly, in-depth analysis of management- and market-related issues and general news primarily focusing on the New England region but covering the Mid-Atlantic as well. 

CFN provides a surprisingly large amount of information on a lot of very diverse fisheries, and it does it in a manner that makes even complex management issues understandable. Considering the rate at which fishing regulations are routinely changed and the daunting complexity of those regulations when the are implemented, this is a service that is vital to the industry. 

Along with the management coverage and a wealth of marketing information on a important New England species, CFN also focuses on the people who make up the industry, allowing many of its readers to "stay in touch" with their colleagues during a busy fishing season. 

In the U.S. subscriptions are $21.95 per year (12 issues). 
For subscription information call 800-989-5253