Squid image
A school of California squid (Corel photo) 
Short-finned squid - Illex illecebrosus
Long-finned squid - Loligo pealei
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Two species of squid are caught seasonally in the waters off New Jersey. While squid are caught in traps - aactually pound nets - in New England and in other parts of the world they are taken with jigging machines, in Mid-Atlantic waters they are harvested almost exclusively with trawls. 

A domestic market for squid, referred to more commonly on menus as calamari, has been growing over the last decade or so and there has always been a significant domestic bait market. However, most of the demand for squid is from foreign markets. Several New Jersey companies have been pioneers in developing the ability to supply these foreign markets and have, in fact, become expert in supplying the high-quality product that the foreign buyers demand. 

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Squid for freezer image 
Squid ready for the freezer at Lund's in Cape May