Blues Dust Jacket
John Hersey
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From the liner notes of Blues "The pleasures of a summer's bluefishing off Martha's Vineyard are marvelously evoked as John Hersey reflects upon the angler's art, the astonishing natural history of the blue, the wonders of the teeming oceans where fish and fishermen confront each other - and the web of interdependence by which they, and all the life of the planet, are made part of one another." 

In this charming book Mr. Hersey introduces the reader to the fascinating ocean world through the simple device of detailing the progress of one of his characters - a novice at fishing - through a summer of bluefish angling under the tutelage of an experienced fisherman. 

1987 by Alfred A. Knopf (New York, NY)

Bluefish drawing from the book 
An illustration from the book