Fishermen's Dock Cooperative
 P.O. Box 1314 - 57 Channel Drive
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ  08742
Office 732-899-1872
Dock 732-899-1697
Fax 732-899-3294
The Fishermen's Dock Cooperative on Channel Drive in Point Pleasant Beach is one of two active fishing cooperatives in New Jersey. Incorporated as a cooperative in the early 1950s, the Co-op (as it is known locally) is an integral part of the waterfront community of Point Pleasant Beach. 

Many of the Co-op's members are sons of the original founders. Several are third or fourth generation commercial fishermen. 

The Co-op fleet is comprised mostly of smaller draggers, up to 80 feet or so in total length. Not large enough to venture far offshore or to make extended trips, their fishing activities are mostly restricted to the waters of the New York Bight. They are all participants in what is called a mixed-trawl fishery, their fishing activities dictated by the migratory patterns of the fish through the Bight and the vagaries of the fresh fish market. They primarily target fluke, silver hake and squid but in the past have also had significant landings of winter flounder, bluefish, monkfish and scallop. 

While most of the Co-op member's harvest is sold to wholesale markets in the Mid-Atlantic states and Southern New England, a significant amount makes its way directly to consumers via the seafood market and restaurant adjacent to the dock. Here the highest quality local and "imported" seafood is available ready to cook or ready to eat. 

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