Patterns in the Ocean cover
Patterns in the ocean:
ocean processes and marine population dynamics
Andrew Bakun
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A look at the factors that might influence fisheries populations from the non-typical (for fisheries managers) perspective of an oceanographer. While Dr. Bakun's book delves into too much physical oceanography for the general reader, anyone with an interest in fisheries populations should have no problem getting through it and in the process being exposed to another viewpoint. 

Entry from the University of Rhode Island Sea Grant Depository catalogue [Link to URI Sea Grant Depository site

The author, a physical oceanographer who has worked for many years on fisheries problems, believes that the communications gap that separates the oceanographic and fisheries scientific communities goes far beyond differences in terminology and jargon to involve completely different conceptual frameworks. The issue is not merely academic. There is a growing realization within fisheries science that current theory and practice are not sufficient for effective management. He examines the 'grand global ocean-atmosphere rhythms' that operate in the ocean world, and the complex and often contorted life-cycle responses exhibited by marine organisms. In the process, he constructs a cross-disciplinary conceptual framework by which information that may formerly have appeared inexplicable and chaotic may be rich with meaningful insights. 

NSGD#:    CUIMR-B-96-001