The Nouvelle Cuisine Cookbook
The Nouvelle Cuisine Cookbook
Armand Aulicino
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Ceviche Estilo Acapulco 
(Marinated Swordfish Acapulco Style) 


2 pounds fresh New Jersey swordfish steaks or flounder filets 
Juice of 5 limes or small lemons 
1/8 cup chopped onion 
4 serrano chilis, chopped (or 1 teaspoon Tabasco) 
1/8 cup olive oil 
1 tablespoon vinegar 
1/8 teaspoon thyme. 
1 tablespoon chopped parsley. 
1/2 cup fresh red pepper or pimiento, chopped 
Salt and pepper to taste 

YIELD: Eight servings 

1. Cut the fish into 1/2-inch cubes, place with the lime or lemon juice in an earthenware or glass covered bowl, and refrigerate for 3 hours, occasionally turning the fish cubes with a wooden spoon. 

2. Remove from the refrigerator and combine the balance of the ingredients with the marinated fish cubes; blend thoroughly using a wooden spoon. Refrigerate overnight before serving. 

A large swordfish on board

(Modified from The Nouvelle Cuisine Cookbook by Armand Aulicino, 1976, Grosset & Dunlap, Publishers, New York, NY)