Commercial fishing, one of the oldest and most respected of professions, has provided the cultural fiber that has held our coastal communities together for generations. On every coast the impact that commercial fishing has had on forming the character of these communities is obvious. The Fish Pier in Boston, the Fulton Market in Manhattan, Fishermenís Wharf in San Francisco and similar locations all serve as centers for tourism and commerce for the surrounding communities. But commercial fishing provides much more than atmosphere, fresh seafood dinners and colorful backgrounds for family snapshots. Commercial fishing provides jobs, generates income and, most importantly,  serves as the most tangible reminder of our connection to and dependence on the sea.

As our society becomes more urban, more technologically oriented, and farther removed from our connections to the land and the sea, we tend to lose sight of the traditional values that have served us so well for generations. Just as land that was at one time inviolate because it was prime farmland is now being considered for development into a subdivision or strip mall, coastal waters that were once recognized as rich and renewable sources of fresh seafood are increasingly considered as the exclusive playgrounds of the well-to-do. We are committed to  reestablishing the connection between the seafood on the consumerís plate and the waters that produced it.







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