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National Fisheries Institute
"Ensuring an ample, sustainable, and safe seafood supply for consumers and strenghtening the ability of seafood member firms to succeed in the worldwide seafood industry." 
Garden State Seafood Association
" assure that our marine resources are managed responsibly and that all of the people in New Jersey, whether as anglers or as seafood consumers will be able to enjoy the bounty of New Jersey’s rich coastal and offshore waters for generations."
Southeastern Fisheries Association
"Southeastern Fisheries Association’s mission is to work for the protection and enhancement of the commercial fishing industry."
Carteret County
Fishermen's Association
"Individuals who harvest the bounty of the sea and are dedicated to enhancing and preserving North Carolina's proud fishing traditions. Commercial fishing plays a major role in the economy of Carteret County, North Carolina's leading producer of seafood.".
The Irish Marine Web Site
"Welcome to Ireland's first-ever dedicated marine site. Born out of the need for Irish fishing and coastal communities to take advantage of the Internet, this site highlights a wide range of information on all topics of interest to the marine community."
North Carolina Fisheries Association
"Next time you see a fisherman mending nets or
heading out into the open water, perhaps something at this Website will remind you of the contribution that his entire family makes to our state, our country and to the very fabric of our value system."
West Coast Seafood Processors Association
"The West Coast Seafood Processors Association (WCSPA) exists to serve the needs of the shore-based seafood processors in California, Oregon, and Washington, who must fight to survive in the face of today's economic, environmental, and regulatory challenges."
Blue Water Fishermen's Association
" provide an effective medium to promote the rights of participation
of fishery resource harvesters and their support services in fishery conservation and management