What can you do?

If you are a New Jersey consumer and you would once again - or for the first time - like to enjoy an ocean-fresh striped bass in your own home or in a New Jersey restaurant without having to catch it yourself, contact the members of the New Jersey Senate and Assembly from your district and the leaders of the New Jersey legislature (use the link to the New Jersey Legislative Services website below) and let them know that you don't agree that New Jersey's striped bass should belong exclusively to fishing hobbyists or any other group and that you strongly support Bill A-2165.  

Also contact your local seafood retailer, your favorite restaurant's owner, and anyone else you can think of and let them know what's going on. 

Remember, this isn't about fisheries conservation. The striped bass are available in New Jersey waters and the mechanisms are all in place to monitor and manage their harvest - by working fishermen for you, the consumer, or by sports anglers for their personal enjoyment and dining pleasure. We don't feel that members of any group have the right to make every striped bass in our coastal waters their own personal property - but that's what a group of sports anglers are trying to do. They will only succeed if you let them.

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