- The Oil Slick -
Please excuse the momentary interruption. As we indicated in FishNet 19 [Link to FishNet 19] we've been puzzled by the seemingly high incidence of connections between some of the people or organizations that are active in fisheries or ocean issues and are, directly or indirectly, connected to the petroleum industry. When we stumble upon one of these perplexing connections we will indicate it with an "oily fish" button such as the one you just clicked on and we will detour you momentarily to detail it.
In this instance the connection is actually a "twofer" in that Dr. Safina is receiving funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts via SeaWeb [Link to Capitol Research Center Foundation Watch] and is also associated with the Audobon Society, which has received significant levels of funding from the W. Alton Jones Foundation [Link to the W. Alton Jones Foundation website] .
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