Image of WETLAND RIDERS cover
Robert Fritchey
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Wetland Riders chronicles the battle that Louisiana's commercial fishermen have fought to maintain their right to catch and sell fish from their state's coastal waters and to continue a traditional way of life that has sustained Louisiana families for generations. The book chronicles the struggles of the fishermen, almost totally the operators of small, family run businesses, against a powerful, organized recreational fishing lobby intent on forcing them out of business. 

Along with a riveting "insiders" view of state-level politics in Louisiana, Mr. Fritchey's book provides an accurate and engaging portrait of the commercial fishermen who are struggling to hold on to a way of life that seems at odds with - and helpless in the face of - modern pressure politics. Contributing significantly to the value and accuracy of Mr. Fritchey's observations is the fact that he is a commercial fisherman himself. 

For anyone interested in a detailed description of how resource allocation decisions are being made in the United States, in an intimate introduction to a traditional way of life that is being increasingly threatened in modern America, or in the "public be damned" attitude of some of the sportfishing elite, this book is required reading. 

1995, New Moon Press, New Orleans, LA 

For an opinion of netban legislation by a (non-fishing, we presume) Mississippi editorial writer.